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Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth

Mould Cleaning Services Perth: Expert Removal & Prevention

Don’t risk the health of your family and pets by living with hidden mould or airborne mould! Call the mould removal specialist today at Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth!

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Nothing puts off family and friends like seeing black mould anywhere in your home. That’s not surprising when you consider that mould causes a wide range of health problems that many people are unaware of.

Whether you have mould on your couches, sofas, carpets, mattress, upholstery or other possible locations, you want it removed now!


Professional Mould Cleaning Service in Perth & Perth Metro Areas

In Perth and Western Australia, Crystal Carpet Cleaners are the mould removal experts.

Not only do our experts offer micro-bacterial & fungal removal system, we sanitise and treat the cause of mould as well.

Mould is a problem in many homes and flats, and it has nothing to do with improper cleaning.


Why Does Mould Grow on Surfaces?

A lack of air movement and excess moisture are the main culprits behind the growth of mould. This is one reason why mould infestation tends to occur in damp places such as bathrooms.

Hidden mould is also common. In dark corners on skirting boards or in between seat cushions on a sofa, or in carpets, rugs, and behind wallpaper, you’ll find that mould is a common problem.

Mould removal is just part of the solution. Many people find that they can promptly remove surface mould with some bleach and water or vinegar and water, but the mould returns again and again.


Prevent Mould Growth When You Use Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth

Mould Cleaning Services Perth


You can prevent mould growth with simple measures such as exposing the area to natural light or using mould resistant paint, but what if those two options won’t work for you?

The expert mould removal service we provide will not only remove mould contamination and nearly all mould stains, but we also remove mould spores from the air. This is necessary to proactively prevent possible respiratory problems caused by mould. We do this by spraying surfaces with an antimicrobial mist.

In most jobs completed by our mould removal Perth company, no repainting is necessary after the treatment!


Use Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Products

Bleach is often used as a mould remediation method, but it is not always safe for all materials.

It can discolour or permanently damage carpet and many types of paint, not to mention that bleach itself causes respiratory problems.

You could try vinegar since it is more eco-friendly, but again, vinegar is highly acidic and isn’t recommended for many fabrics or surfaces.

moulds removal service in Perth


Time to Go Green When Removing Mould Growth

Our technicians use cutting-edge technology not only for mould removal but also to stop airborne mould spores and prevent mould from returning.

Avoid treating mould on your own. Mould is highly toxic, and breathing it in causes all types of allergic reactions and health issues.

Call the experts at Crystal Carpet Cleaners today and enjoy a clean, healthier environment tomorrow!


Our Mould Removal & Cleaning Process

For mould removal in Perth, you can start the process by calling our friendly staff for a free quote.

Our technicians will do a thorough mould inspection of the area(s) where you have seen mould. We will also look for hidden mould that you may not have noticed or been able to see.

Professional Cleaner in Perth for moulds removal


If a third-party is required (such as a plumber to repair a leak), we will advise you and recommend a service we trust or you can call your own handyman.

We will give you a complete and detailed report, as well as an estimate for the services that will be needed to address mould remediation.

The Cleaning Process for Mould Remediation Perth WA

We use insurance-approved humidifiers that remove excess moisture from the area and HEPA filters to remove air-borne mould spores from your living space.

Using specialised equipment that uses a heat extraction process, we remove all traces and stains of mould.

We then apply an anti-mould treatment or mould inhibitor to prevent mould from regrowing.

Don’t just treat mould! Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth ensures that mould, even hidden mould, will not return within 12 months, or we will repeat the process.


Over 25 Years of Local Mould Cleaning in Perth

Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth Mould Cleaning Services - Servicing Atwell, Belmont, Cannington, Craigie, Dwellingup, Fremantle, Hamilton Hill, Kingsley, Mandurah, Mirrabooka


Our family has lived in the Perth area for more than 25 years. We are proud to have unparalleled expertise when it comes to the unique issues that homeowners and property managers face when fighting both visible and not-so-visible mould.

Our seasoned team of professionals have stayed up to date on the latest methods that tackle mould problems and prevent mould from growing in other places.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal

Our proven track record speaks volumes about our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Whether you need mould removal or mould treatment, or you are concerned about your indoor air quality due to a recurring mould problem, it’s best to call the mould experts in Perth.

Affordable Pricing for All Local Perth Customers

Avoiding mould exposure or having mould removal done is something everyone agrees is a good thing, however, you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it!

We offer mould removal and mould remediation services at a reasonable price that will have you wondering why you waited so long to call.

Every situation varies, so call the friendly staff at Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth for an obligation free inspection.

Don’t risk serious health issues due to toxic black mould! Call us today!


Areas We Service in Perth and Western Australia

Whether you live in Mandurah or Joondalup, chances are that we offer mould treatment in your area!

From Armadale to Rockingham, Fremont to Victoria Park, Peppermint Grove to Belmont, we want to offer our customers a permanent solution to mould infestation.

Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth Areas Serviced in Perth


Don’t see your area? One quick call to the Perth mould removal experts will put your mind at ease.

Other Cleaning Services We Offer in Perth Metro Areas

Mould removal is not something everyone needs, but there must be some other type of cleaning service that you need. Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth wants you to know that there is almost no limit to the cleaning services we provide.

Other services include:



The list goes on and on. Whatever your residential or commercial cleaning needs are in Perth, the expert technicians at Crystal Carpet Cleaners are here at your service to help you live a healthy and mould-free life.

Perth mould cleaning service - servicing areas such as: Morley Mount Lawley, Mundaring, Nedlands, Ocean Reef, O'Connor, Port Kennedy, Pinjarra


Frequently asked questions

A: Mould removal service is not expensive if you think about the health risks that mould poses to you and your family. Before we can give you a proper estimate, we need to inspect your property first. Generally speaking, the average price to remove and prevent mould is about $350 per room. Factors to consider in estimating the price are the size of the affected area, location of the property, and the ease/difficulty of accessing the mould.

A: Yes, it’s easy to remove mould on small areas (such as one corner of your shower). You can probably mix a cup of bleach in a gallon of water and spray the affected area, then scrub and remove the mould. Wear gloves, a face mask, and glasses to prevent bleach from splashing on your face or in your eyes. For larger areas, you should consult with a professional mould removal service, such as Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth.

A: Generally speaking, yes, it can. Mould growth happens when excess moisture is present, with no natural light or air movement to dry up the moisture. If you can remove the source of the moisture (most often water leaks from pipes or a leaking roof), you can solve the mould issue. You may need to replace some items, such as plasterboard sections, but even the most heavily mould-infested home can be restored and made livable when treated by professionals.