Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth

Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth

Flooded Carpet Restoration Perth & Water Damage Cleaning

If your house was flooded by a body of water, leaking pipes, or a leaking roof, you might think that your soaked carpet may need to be tossed. Don’t make that expensive mistake! Call the experts at Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth and save thousands of dollars in carpet replacement.

Crystal Carpet Cleaners Water Damage Service for all types of carpet - we service Banksia Grove, Bibra Lake, Butler, Canning Vale, Craigie, Greenwood, Iluka, Nedlands, Mount Lawley, Mandurah

Nearly all water damaged carpets can be restored with our cutting-edge technology!

Flooding is something no one wants but sometimes happens. You don’t necessarily need new carpets, but you do need to treat them as quickly as possible to avoid the growth of mildew, mould, and bacteria. Take prompt action today!

Professional Water Damaged Cleaning Service in Perth & Perth Metro Areas

While Perth is generally safer than some other parts of Australia, it does experience flooding occasionally.

Flash floods, backed up sewers, and severe storms, including storm surges on the coast, can bring water right to your doorstep and inside your home.

Even just 2.5 centimeters of water inside your home can ruin your expensive carpets and upholstery if not treated promptly.

For flooded carpet restoration Perth, no one does it better than Crystal Carpet Cleaners.

We Use Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Products

Wet carpet needs more than just a high-powered vacuum, especially if you consider where the water came from.

Most carpets will need excess moisture removed, then a thorough cleaning to ensure that all dirt, bacteria, dust mites, feces, sand, and other items are removed.

Cleaning Water Damaged Carpets in Perth areas

Rather than trust your expensive carpets to harsh chemicals and soaps that leave a residue behind, we use hot carbonation, a completely natural product that encourages a healthy environment.

The last thing you need right now is steam cleaning! Talk to our experts today about how we can offer not just water extraction but clean carpets that are fast drying.

Trusted Flood Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Restoration Service in Perth

We have over 25 years of flood carpet cleaning experience that you can rely on!

We understand that flooding causes more than just property damage- it’s an emotional rollercoaster that many homeowners have difficulty dealing with.

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What will you do with your furniture? Does everything need to be tossed? Can your carpet be saved? What about the floor underlay?

Relying on the trustworthy services of Crystal Carpet Cleaners can take away many of these worries. We will talk truthfully to you about the damage that has been caused and how we can help.

Water damaged carpet does not always mean a replacement is necessary. Talk to our experts, and we will help you with all the details you need to get your home back to dryness and normalcy.

Our Flooded Carpet Cleaning Process

Whether your home is flooded due to a natural disaster, leaking pipes, or a roof failure, we’ve got you covered.

One client’s dog thought that bringing his pool inside the house sounded like a good idea. They called us, and we got down to work right away. The water damage was limited to one room, and the homeowners were able to use that room the same day.

Flooded Carpet Cleaning Process

Our Process of Cleaning and Drying Your Flooded Carpets

Of course, every situation is different, but generally speaking:

    • We will do a complete inspection. If the water is coming from an inside source, such as a burst pipe or roof, we recommend that you repair that issue first.
    • Using a high powered water extraction device, we will remove as much water as possible from the carpets.
    • We often use fans and dehumidifiers to reduce moisture even further.
    • We use hot carbonation to lift out hidden dirt and grime from the carpet and apply a disinfectant to prevent the growth of mould and mildew.
    • We then employ a high-powered suction device to remove the carbonation and any remaining water.
    • Once dry, we comb the carpet and restore the fibres to their regular appearance.


We Professionally Clean All Types of Water Damaged Carpets in Perth

Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth expert care for pristine carpets covering areas in Merriwa, Scarborough, Spearwood, Warnbro, Willagee, Tapping , Woodvale, Alkimos, Lakelands, Herron

Chances are that we can restore your wet carpet back to its original state, however, there are a few factors to consider.

While we offer rapid drying, some carpets, especially if the padding is soaked, may take longer than others before they are completely dry.

Different types of carpets respond differently to water damage. What’s crucial is that you act quickly to prevent more damage to the carpet. Call the carpet cleaning specialist right away!

Affordable Pricing for All Local Perth Customers

Flood damage restoration to your wet carpet might sound expensive, but it will be much cheaper than replacing the entire thing.

Our Pricing Schedule

Pricing will vary since every home or flooding situation is different, but generally speaking, we charge $175 per hour for the first two hours, then $75 for every hour after that.

We have a 2-hour minimum charge for most jobs, but if the affected area is very small, we might make an exception.

Areas We Service in Perth and Western Australia

Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth Areas Serviced in Perth

Our family owned business is located in the heart of Perth. Our employees live in the Perth suburbs, so we know your neighbourhood!

So if you’re looking now at a pile of wet carpet due to a storm surge in Kalbarri or burst water pipes in Coral Bay, Fremont, or Lancelin, we can help.

Not Sure If We Service Your Area?

Call the friendly personnel at Crystal Carpet Cleaners today – Chances are that we service your area!

Even if you’ve been turned down by others, give us a call and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We Have Over 25 Years of Flooded Carpet Cleaning Experience in WA

Trust your expensive carpets to no one except the experts at Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth! Our family has been in this business for more than 25 years.

Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning - servicing Halls Head, Glen Forrest, Kwinana, Mayland, Mindarie, North Coogee, Ravenswood, Rockingham, Two Rocks, Welshpool

When You Need Serious Help

If you have standing water and need to treat water-damaged carpets, you want the best and fastest possible carpet cleaning and drying services available in Perth.

Don’t hesitate for another moment, call us today for a fast, friendly, same-day service that Perth has relied on for decades!


Other Services We Offer

Besides wet carpet restoration, we would like to tell you about the other services we offer in the Perth metro area.

There is so much more that Crystal Carpet Cleaners can do for your home.

Call us today for a free quote and assessment. We will be happy to evaluate your wet carpets and other damages so you can rest easier tonight!

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Frequently asked questions

A: In most instances, yes! There is an excellent chance that your carpet can be restored to its original condition if carpet drying is started quickly, the carpet was in good condition before the flood, and the carpet is made of synthetic materials.

A: Not necessarily. Your carpet will need an assessment by a professional to determine whether or not it can be restored. If the carpet is made of natural fibres or was already very worn when the natural flood happened, it might not be salvageable. In most instances, however, carpet drying done by the professionals at Crystal Carpet Cleaners can completely restore your water damaged carpet back to its original condition.

A: As quickly as possible, call Crystal Carpet Cleaners. The longer your carpet remains wet, the more it deteriorates. We will use state-of-the-art methods for water extraction and dry your carpets using industry-leading technology. Carpet drying may seem like a daunting task, but when you hand that task over to experienced professionals, you will get lasting results!