Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth

Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth

Expert Carpet Cleaning Piara Waters – Fast Drying Time!

When your carpets and rugs start to look old, tired, stained, or stinky, you know that it’s time to have them professionally cleaned.

Who has days to wait for carpets to dry, though? Not to mention the expense and mess!

When you choose Crystal Carpet Cleaning Piara Waters, you can forget about all those problems!


Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning servicing Piara Waters, Harrisdale, Banjup, Forrestdale

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Piara Waters

With decades of experience, our professional cleaners use the latest technology to meet your carpet cleaning needs.

No need to wait days for carpets in your Piara Waters home to dry! We can have your carpets clean and dry, ready for you to use in 2-3 hours!

Yes, you read that correctly! When you use Crystal Carpet Cleaners, your carpets will be stain-free, odour-free, and completely dry within 2-3 hours!

Trusted Carpet Cleaning and Restoration- Servicing Piara Waters

If you live in the beautiful suburb of Piara Waters, postal code WA 6112, then you want the most trusted professional carpet cleaning in Western Australia.

Local Piara Waters Carpet Cleaning


Crystal Carpet Cleaners takes the business of carpet cleaning to new levels. No soggy wet carpets, no heavy perfumes that can trigger allergies, no waiting days for carpets to dry only to find that the stubborn stain is still there.

Crystal Carpet Cleaners in Piara Waters can take your carpets and rugs from dirty and smelly to pristine and clean in just hours!

Think Your Carpet and Rugs Are Beyond Help?

Need your carpet restretched? Do you need just one section replaced? Has the carpet become frayed at one end (usually near a doorway)?

We offer more than simply cleaning services, our highly skilled technicians can also restore your carpet to its former glory.

Let our professional carpet cleaning team restore your carpets and rugs back to their original beauty!

Before you spring for expensive carpet or rug replacement, let the pros at Crystal Carpet Cleaners give you a free quote.


We Professionally Clean All Types of Carpet in the Piara Waters Area

Carpet cleaning services are not all the same!

Don’t leave your expensive carpet and rugs to the damage that steam cleaning can cause. Carpet cleaning is an art that requires other things beside soap and water.

We use the latest technology to ensure that your carpet and rug, no matter what type of carpet you have, is returned to you clean, dry, and smelling sweet.

No Carpet Is Too Dirty or Too Stained for Our Technicians!


Carpet Cleaning by Crystal Carpet Cleaners - Before and After Photo of carpet in a commercial establishment in Piara Waters
Before and After Photo of Carpet Cleaning by Crystal Carpet Cleaners


Whether you have the ever-popular Berber carpet, luxurious shag carpet, indoor/outdoor carpet or textured pile, we have the perfect method for removing stains, odours, dirt, grime, mud, dust mites, and germs.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process in Piara Waters

Are you considering using old-fashioned steam cleaning? Think again!

Steam cleaning not only uses many, many litres of water but it also relies on harsh chemicals and soap(s) to rid your carpet of dirt.

This is not environmentally friendly, and the perfumes and solvents in most cleaning solutions leave behind irritants that can bother anyone with allergies and sensitivities to chemicals, including your pet!

We Only Use Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Products!

Our carpet cleaning services include the use of carbonation.

We will inspect your carpet and pre-treat any stains or areas that we feel would benefit from some extra attention.

Local Carpet Cleaning in Piara Waters


Using a high-powered vacuum, we will remove all the surface dirt.

We then apply the carbonation process, which gently bubbles soil particles, grime, and pet dander to the carpet’s surface, where it can be removed using a high-suction device.

Our Process Uses 80 Percent Less Water than Traditional Steam Cleaning!

This is how we can return your carpet to you, dry and ready to use within hours, not days.

We Have the Fastest Drying Time in the Industry!

No one does it better and faster than the experts at Crystal Carpet Cleaners.

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Affordable Pricing for All Local Piara Waters Customers

If you’re reading this and thinking that “high tech” must equal “high price”, think again!

Crystal Carpet Cleaners understands that you want carpet cleaning done right, but you don’t want to break the bank.

Prices vary depending on the size of the room, what needs to be done, and how long it has been since carpet cleaning services were last used, but generally speaking, you can expect to pay $90 for an average room.

If you live in the WA 6112 postal code area, your Piara Waters home deserves only the best!

Call our friendly staff today for a free quote!


Don’t Waste Time and Money Trying to DIY

Many people try to save some money by renting a steam cleaner and doing it themselves, but all they end up with are wet, soggy carpets that grow mould and, oftentimes, smells that simply will not go away.

One customer who tried the DIY method for cleaning in Piara Waters discovered this the hard way.

While the home was nearly new, it had a terrible odour, especially in one room. Despite using a steam cleaner several times, the homeowner could not seem to remove the smell.


Carpet Stain Removal - Before and After Photo of Carpet being Cleaned in Piara Waters home in Perth Western Australia


Our professional cleaners quickly identified the odour as something that had passed away in one of the bedrooms.

A little research and lifting of the carpet found a dead and very smelly mouse that had somehow gotten into the house and crawled between the carpet and padding to end its life.

All the steam cleaning and carpet cleaning in the world would not remove that smell unless the source was removed.

Why Steam Cleaning Didn’t Work

When the homeowner used the steam cleaner, they quite literally “cooked” that dead mouse right into the carpet fibres.

It would probably have taken years for that smell to dissipate!

Our experts cut away a small portion of the carpet, installed a new piece, and then used our quick-drying carpet cleaning services to ensure that everything smelled nice once more.

Don’t waste time and money trying to DIY, call the pros.


Over 25 Years of Carpet Cleaning Experience

Before you consider hiring one of the big companies in Western Australia, you should know that most have home office in Sydney or even outside of Australia.

Do you think they care about carpet cleaning in Piara Waters?

Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth expert care for pristine carpets servicing Piara Waters, Banjup, Forrestdale, Canning Vale, Treeby, Harrisdale and surrounding Perth suburbs


Crystal Carpet Cleaners is a family-owned and operated business with more than 25 years of experience.

We live in the Perth metro area, so we know your city!

Piara Waters is one of the most desirable postal codes in Perth to live in, so you’ll want to keep your home looking and smelling as fresh as the day you moved in!

You can rely on the carpet cleaning professionals at Crystal Carpet Cleaners.

Our employees are fully licensed and insured for your safety.

You deserve the best carpet cleaning services available. Homeowners in Piara Waters and all around Perth metro areas have trusted our service for decades, so why shouldn’t you?

Call us today for a free quote!


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Other Services We Offer

Carpet Cleaning Piara Waters isn’t the only thing our experts do.

We also offer other cleaning services such as :


Need something cleaned but don’t see it listed here?

Call our friendly staff.

We will be happy to provide a free quote and help you clean your dirtiest task!

The experts at Crystal Carpet Cleaners work hard so you don’t have to!