Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth

Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth

Expert Carpet Cleaning Gosnells: Fast Drying Time!

If you live in postal code WA 6110 and want the best carpet cleaning Gosnells has to offer, then you want to call Crystal Carpet Cleaners.

Our family-owned business is preferred by Gosnells homeowners when they need professional carpet cleaning services.

Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Gosnells and surrounding suburbs - Thornlie, Huntingdale, Southern River, Champion Lakes, Maddington, Martin, Kelmscott


Professional Carpet Cleaning Gosnells

No matter what type of carpet cleaning job you have in mind, no stain is too tough and no job is too small for our technicians.

We offer only the best results, customer satisfaction, and friendly service, all for a very affordable price.

Don’t trust your expensive carpets to just anyone, we are professional carpet cleaners with fully trained staff who are licensed and bonded for your safety.

We Have the Fastest Drying Time in the Industry!

Avoid steam cleaning services since they tend to not only leave your carpets wet for days, but they can also become a breeding ground for mould, bacteria, and mildew.


Steam Cleaning Sounds Good But…

We had a customer who called us after a little steam cleaning “mishap”. She had one room in her home with beautiful birds in cages.

Birds are extremely sensitive to odours and chemicals so she decided to steam clean the carpet herself using plain water.

This sounded good until two weeks later. She thought the carpet looked “funny”.

A close inspection showed that thousands of little seeds had sprouted from the nice “watering” they got from steam cleaning!

We aren’t sure how the seeds survived the steam-cleaning process, but some of them obviously did!

We did manage to remove all the sprouts and explained to her that Crystal Carpet Cleaners doesn’t use harsh chemicals or soaps with heavy perfumes, so it was completely safe for her birds.

We Use Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Products

We at Crystal Carpet Cleaners know that you want clean carpets, not carpets that have been doused in heavy perfumes to cover up odours.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Gosnells and nearby suburbs including Champion Lakes, Thornlie, Maddington, Kelmscott, Martin, Southern River, Huntingdale


Our technicians use a natural carbonation process that gently bubbles dirt and pet dander to the surface, where it can be easily suctioned away.

This leaves you with clean carpets that smell fresh, not perfumey, and safe for babies, people with allergies, and, yes, even birds.

Don’t let dirty carpets cause you or your family health problems. Call the pros today!


We Are the Trusted Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Company Servicing Gosnells

If you’ve got heavily soiled areas in your Gosnells home or stains that simply won’t come out despite using every trick imaginable, or you are tired of companies who make appointments only to break them, you want more than just clean and fresh carpet. You want a carpet cleaning service you can rely on!

Why not call our friendly staff today?


Steam Cleaning Is Not the Answer

Carpet steam cleaning is the old-fashioned way to clean carpets, but you’ll find that it doesn’t stack up when compared to what a professional cleaning service can offer!

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet cleaning Gosnells starts with a complete inspection of your carpets. Our technicians will note and pre-treat any areas that are heavily soiled or that have stains.

We will pre-vacuum with our high-powered device, then apply our natural, non-toxic carbonation process.

Carbonation gently bubbles away dirt, grime, pet odours, pet dander, allergens, and more and brings these little nasties right to the surface of the carpet.

We then use a high-powered suction device to remove all the gunk, leaving your carpets nearly dry in the process.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning - Before and After Photo of cleaned carpet in Gosnells (WA)


We Use 80 Percent Less Water Than Traditional Steam Cleaning!

Besides being non-toxic, our cleaning process will leave your carpets germ-free without all the hot water.

Your carpets are clean and dry in 2-3 hours, not 2-3 days!

Fastest Carpet Drying Time!

Read that again. Our professional carpet cleaning service can start working in the morning, and your carpets will be completely dry and ready for use when you return home in the afternoon!

Call us today for a free quote!

We Professionally Clean All Types of Carpets in the Gosnells Area

It doesn’t matter what type of carpet you have, Crystal Carpet Cleaners is the professional cleaner that can fulfill all your carpet cleaning needs.

If you’ve got Berber carpet in the bedroom but low-pile in the living room and a large indoor/outdoor carpet on your terrace, no problem!

Crystal Carpet Cleaners is well known in the cleaning industry for offering fast and efficient carpet cleaning no matter what type of carpet you own!

Crystal Carpet Cleaners Perth expert care for pristine carpets servicing Gosnells WA and surrounding suburbs - Thornlie, Huntingdale, Southern River, Champion Lakes, Maddington, Martin, Kelmscott


Don’t Know What Type of Carpet You Have? No Problem!

It’s not your job to know what type of carpet your home has. Our experts will know and will be happy to explain our carpet cleaning methods to you if you like.

Expert Stain Removal

If you’ve got stubborn stains, such as wine stains or pet urine odours and stains that seem impossible to remove, call us today!

Not only can we remove most stains, we also offer stain protection to minimise stains if they should happen in the same area.

We will be happy to give you a free estimate. Call our friendly staff today!

Carpet Stain Removal - Before and After Photo of Carpet being Cleaned in Gosnells WA


Super Affordable Pricing for All Local Gosnells Customers

We are a family-owned business that lives and works in the Perth metro area. We know your Gosnells neighbourhood!

Yes, you want carpet cleaning services but don’t want to break the bank!

Prices vary depending on the size of the room, the amount of time since the carpet was last cleaned, and the number of stains, but generally speaking, you can expect to pay less than $100 for the average room!

Yes! You read that right! Get professional carpet cleaning Gosnells for less than $100!

Call us today for a free estimate!


Over 25 Years of Carpet Cleaning Experience in Gosnells

If you live in the neighbourhood of Gosnells in Western Australia, you will want to trust your carpets to a company with decades of experience.

Not only do we use state-of-the-art technology, but we’ve also been doing carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning for more than 25 years.

Our technicians are fully insured and bonded so you can feel safe having them in your Gosnells home.

Don’t waste your hard-earned cash and spend your weekends with carpet steam cleaning. You won’t be as happy with the result, and you’ll have spent your free time doing a dirty job that is better left to professionals.

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Other Services We Offer

Yes, we offer the best carpet cleaning services in Western Australia, but if you want more than just carpet cleaning, we also offer other cleaning services including:


If you’ve got a residential or commercial cleaning job that you don’t see listed, call our friendly staff today. Chances are that we can help!

We work hard at cleanliness so you don’t have to!

Get your free time back and say goodbye to dirty, stained carpets. Call us today !